New York Rangers 2022-23

Ottawa Senators acquire Date New York Rangers acquire
Julien Gauthier
2023 conditional 7th round pick
February 19, 2023
Tyler Motte
Comment: If the Rangers advance past the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Senators will receive a sixth round pick, whichever is lowest between New York and the Winnipeg Jets, instead of a seventh.
New York Rangers acquire Date St. Louis Blues acquire
Vladimir Tarasenko
Niko Mikkola
February 9, 2023
Sammy Blais
Hunter Skinner
Comment: The 2023 first-round pick will be the lower of Dallas' and New York's (so the Rangers still have a first-rounder in 2023) and the 2024 fourth rounder will become a third if the Rangers make the playoffs. Blues retain 50% of Tarasenko's salary.
Minnesota Wild acquire Date New York Rangers acquire
Ryan Reaves
November 23, 2022
2025 5th round pick
Dallas Stars acquire Date New York Rangers acquire
Nils Lundkvist
September 19, 2022
2025 conditional 4th round pick
2023 conditional 1st round pick
Comment: If the Stars' own first round pick in 2023 is in the top 10, New York will get Dallas' own first round selection in 2024 instead, and that pick will be unprotected.
Arizona Coyotes acquire Date New York Rangers acquire
Patrik Nemeth
2025 2nd round pick
2026 conditional 2nd round pick
July 13, 2022
Ty Emberson
Comment: With the conditional pick, Arizona has the option to acquire New York's own 2024 3rd round pick or its own 2026 2nd round pick
Colorado Avalanche acquire Date New York Rangers acquire
Alexandar Georgiev
July 7, 2022
2022 3rd round pick
2022 5th round pick
2023 3rd round pick