Quebec Nordiques 1979-80

Quebec Nordiques acquire Date Edmonton Oilers acquire
Ron Chipperfield
March 11, 1980
Ron Low
Toronto Maple Leafs acquire Date Quebec Nordiques acquire
Dave Farrish
Terry Martin
December 13, 1979
Reg Thomas
Quebec Nordiques acquire Date New York Islanders acquire
Goran Hogosta
August 1, 1979
Richard Brodeur
Comment: Exact date unknown
Quebec Nordiques acquire Date Winnipeg Jets acquire
Barry Legge
Jamie Hislop
June 28, 1979
Barry Melrose
Quebec Nordiques acquire Date Washington Capitals acquire
Nelson Burton
June 15, 1979
Dave Parro
Quebec Nordiques acquire Date St. Louis Blues acquire
June 13, 1979
Hartland Monahan
Montreal Canadiens acquire Date Quebec Nordiques acquire
1980 3rd round pick (#45-John Newberry)
1981 2nd round pick (#32-Lars Eriksson)
Nordiques promise to take Alain Cote in NHL expansion draft
June 9, 1979
Canadiens promise to take Danny Geoffrion and Alain Cote rather than Marc Tardif and/or Richard David from Nordiques in 1979 NHL reclaim draft
Quebec Nordiques acquire Date Chicago Blackhawks acquire
Blackhawks agreed to not take Real Cloutier in 1979 NHL reclaim draft
June 9, 1979
1980 1st round pick (#3-Denis Savard)