Isbister Brad

Carolina Hurricanes acquire Date New York Rangers acquire
2008 conditional 5th round pick (if Isbister plays more than 40 games in the remaining 06-07 season) (not exercised)
rights to Jakub Petruzalek
November 21, 2006
Brad Isbister
Boston Bruins acquire Date Edmonton Oilers acquire
Brad Isbister
August 1, 2005
2006 4th round pick (#98-James Delory)
Edmonton Oilers acquire Date New York Islanders acquire
Brad Isbister
Raffi Torres
March 11, 2003
Janne Niinimaa
2003 2nd round pick (#53-Evgeny Tunik)
2003 4th round pick (per
Arizona Coyotes acquire Date New York Islanders acquire
Robert Reichel
1999 3rd round pick (#71-Jason Jaspers)
1999 4th round pick (#123-Preston Mizzi)
March 20, 1999
Brad Isbister
1999 3rd round pick (#87-Brian Collins)